When you transition from military to civilian life, one of the biggest challenges you will face is trying to decide on a new professional journey. We want to make your transition to a real estate career smooth and successful with our Heroes In Real Estate (HIRE) program.

Like joining the military, we train our newest recruits to ensure success. We understand that there are many qualities that you bring from the military to your civilian life – discipline, resiliency, and respect. These characteristics served you well in the military and will make you an excellent real estate professional with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Registry.


Our HIRE Program

The HIRE program open to all military service members and their spouses. This includes active and reserve personnel from Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force, and National Guard.


We provide:

A full scholarship that covers the cost of real estate school

The first six months of real estate expenses with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Registry
(an investment of more $3,000)


In return, you will sign a 24-month commitment to work exclusively with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Registry and will be enrolled in our Ignite program.


Why work with us

  • Best training in the industry

  • Mentorship and coaching from agents and brokers
    with more than 200 years of combined experience

  • A robust onboarding program that sets you up for success

  • Unlimited earning potential

  • Exciting team environment

  • Help others find their dream home

  • Each deal is unique and exciting

  • More time with family and friends

  • Be your own boss


Your success is our success


You will be enrolled in our Ignite program, where you will receive the training needed to become a highly successful real estate professional. We are committed to providing our veterans and military spouses with time, resources and tools to be successful.


Coaching and Support

You will be provided guidance and mentorship throughout the Ignite Program. You will learn how to develop strategies for business planning, prospecting, time management, goal setting, and more.


Marketing Advice and Implementation

You will work closely with a marketing specialist who assists you in 300 direct mailers to targeted consumers to promote your business. Your marketing specialist will help you create and distribute a custom online marketing campaign announcing your new career to everyone you know.


Innovative Technology

You will receive a unique and fully customizable website for free, as well as assistance from an IT Specialist who will help you personalize your website and optimize your internet presence.

Free Leads

Over the course of Ignite, you will get 100 free leads to jumpstart your business. During this time, you will continue to meet with your coach to strategize on methods of turning those leads into clients, as well as ways to generate additional leads.